Upcoming project visits in London, Nottingham and Durham!

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As you may already know the research team organises visits to Parkinson’s UK funded projects. They're a great opportunity for supporters to get a better understanding of our researcher's work.

There are a number of upcoming visits in Nottingham, London and Durham. Each will include a talk about the research project, a tour of the facilities and plenty of time for questions during the sessions.

To give you an idea of what the researchers will be showcasing, details of the projects are below –

University of Nottingham - Tuesday 23rd April (2 – 4pm)

Project title: ‘Targeting proteins towards new treatments for Parkinson’s’
Researcher: Professor Christopher Moody

This project aims to develop new and better drugs for Parkinson’s that work by preventing the build-up of misfolded proteins inside the nerve cells that die in Parkinson’s. Read more about this project: http://bit.ly/15YAN9j

University College London - Tuesday 30 April (2 – 4pm)

Two of our projects will be showcased at this research visit.

Project 1: ‘Filling the genetic gaps in Parkinson’s’
Researcher: Professor Nick Wood

Nick and his team are using cutting-edge techniques to analyse the DNA of 300 people with Parkinson’s where the condition appears to have been inherited. Read more about this project: http://bit.ly/11ReqSQ

Project 2: ‘How does the PINK1 gene cause nerve cell death in Parkinson’s?’
Researcher: Dr Andrey Abramov

Andrey’s research looks at why a mutant form of PINK1 prevents cells from making enough energy to survive. Read more about this project: http://bit.ly/14qo2b2

University College London - Tuesday 7 May (2 – 4pm)

Project: ‘A new gene therapy approach to treating Parkinson’s’
Researcher: Dr Lydia Alvarez

Lydia and her colleagues have developed a new gene therapy approach that may have great potential for Parkinson’s. Read more about this project: http://bit.ly/ZBk1MX

Durham University - Wednesday 15 May (2 – 4pm)

Project: ‘The role of inflammation in Parkinson’s’
Researcher: Dr Martin Schroeder

Inflammation in the brain may be involved in the death of nerve cells in Parkinson’s. Martin is investigating what triggers this inflammation and how we can prevent this happening.Read more about this project: http://bit.ly/XiClM2

Next step
If you are interested and would like to come along to one of the project visits get in touch. Places are free but must be booked in advance by contacting the research team at [email protected] or 020 7963 9352 / 020 7963 9313

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