Update on jerky movements (myoclonus)


Ive posted for awhile on these jerky movements which started 3 years ago.My doctors were of little help so I had to take it on myself to get reliWhen they started I was taking way to much meds .They did get better after I switched to a differents brand of levadopa.But they came back after I was without my CPAC machine I use for sleep apnea.later they went away againafter the machine was fixed.Awhile I go I went on a trip to Colorado and the apnea came back due to machine had to be calibrated for the higher altitude.

I found a DX for this called EFM(excessive fragmentary myoclonus).This connects sleep apnea,myoclonus and PD.

Well I am so much better now and hope this explanation will help some of you

Going up to my boat to do some fishing.hope youall have a nice day


thank you for posting, this is very interesting to me seeing as I have recently been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea that started around the same time as my myoclonus (my diagnosis, not Drs.) and symptoms resembling PD. 

I was wondering if there was any connection? as my drs. tell me there is not. I have not been diagnosed with PD or myoclonus seizures, but I know from researching that it was I'm having. They want to say it is only sleep apnea and restless leg, as the sleep study only showed the sleep apnea and ZERO periodic limb movement disorder, but I was already on Siminet for the leg tremors. I wish I would have had a sleep study prior the the meds so they could actually see what my body does without them and how terrible it is and to try and sleep!! 

Glad you are doing better and figured this out and thanks again for sharing! 



Hi Hopemar

When the jerks started i was on way to much meds.&00 mg c/l,plus cr 50/200 and 8mg requip.

A  year or less i was on half,my docs never really took the time to treat me properly

Most doctors I have come across including so called MD specialist are more concerned of how fast they can get you out the door let alone give you proper care

Getting back to my jerks I only had trouble much when i was also taking requip.If  moved around in bed I might get a feww jerks but not the ones whch would throw you out of bed.lol

The states suck here for care where I am.I might try going north to Canada for a freebie 

tHE JERKs never depressed me,as I had control of them and Had no responsibility of bringing them on..I was always trying to try and fiqure them myself with blank  doctors for help.

I hope you have better doctors in England

Id like to find a caring doctor someday lol