Sunday evening - rushed to Hospital in agony, kept in overnight. Monday - gallstones diagnosed. Surgery tomorrow, happy days, canny bunch of lads, Staff excellent. Tuesday - Sluggish start as usual, awoke at 6.00 am and went back to sleep after drugs. Showered myself, now the waiting begins.


hi fedex

hope things go ok with the op and you feel better soon. sue.

Good luck with the operation! Life can throw you some curve balls (should that be gallstones?)!

I hope you get better soon!

dr jonny


I hope all has gone well and we see you back here posting again very soon.

Good luck . It never rains that it pours does it .

Do you ever feel someone has it in for you? Best of luck.

Hi Fedex

Hope you feel better soon (preferably without your gallstone). Get back here very soon, we will miss you.

Caroline xx

Hi Fed

So sorry - hope all goes well today and look forward to seeing you back here soon.


Good luck with the surgery, Fedex.

To a speedy recovery and a quick return.


Hope all goes well Fedex. flo

Hope you are feeling a lot better day by day. My hubby still has his in a jar after 20 years lol. Keeps them as a party piece :wink:


Hope all went well with your surgery - hope it was done keyhole.
Wishing you a speedy recovery

Hello Lilly ,dr johnny,benji ,Johnnie,Mosie, Carolineb211, worrals, ezinde,flo
Visionvalue, and,Bethankit and thank you all for your encouragement and kindness.
I feel a bit sore and strangely confused, this is two days after the op ,I wonder
If BLACKHEART has used my enforced unconsciousness to his position or
is this normal. I can have nothing but praise for the excellent staff of NTGH no
request went unanswered,nothing was too much trouble, both Doctors Anethesists,
nurses all were exemplary , allowing me to request my PD drugs as and when I needed them and not when the trolley arrived, this enabled me to prevent shutdown
which in a Hospital enviorement can be troublesome. This very painful addition to my medical history has of course delayed the Duodopa operation,probably until
mid April which will allow me to visit and pay respects to those who perished
in the D Day landings , something which I have wanted to do for many years.
I will end now as I am feeling a bit odd, nothing new there I hear you say,
Once again thank you for your good wishes , you have cheered me when I was at
a very low ebb. Fedex

Oh I forgot , It was keyhole surgery a key that would have opened the door to the the Largest Castle in the land methinks?:wink:

Glad you are safely back home Fed.

It's good to hear your positive report on your treatment in hospital, especially in view of all the recent publicity about poor treatment in the NHS. It is a sad fact that criticism of the bad gets more coverage than praise for the good.

Hope you are soon back making that Spitfire model!:smile:


Thank you worrals, I am still dopey, my mental agility is quite badly retarded I
am finding it needs effort to spell correctly and my ability to type these words
is very much slowed down, IT is worrying me as I feels as if PD has tightened its
grip, I wonder if any of my friends in PDUK Forum have experienced this phenomena
and will it pass, I need to regain my capabilities and not allow BLACKHEART to
penetrate my defences, I need your help my friends.
Kindest Regards Fed:disappointed:

Glad to hear you back in the land of the living. The press that the NHS is getting at the moment is quite scary and its nice to find good practices in some hospitals. Our hospital at York is very good but am wondering how did you go on with your PD tablets. Did you get them on time and were the staff understanding about them?


Hello Visionvalue, I was allowed to run my own drug intake and timing while in
NTGH, it worked very well with only the occasional blip when slight resistance to
the PD Patients Right was questioned. So perhaps the message is getting through
it certainly worked in my case, thank you for your kind words and interest in my
latest adventure, I am keeping my head down for a while I do not want to tempt
fate. Kindest Regards Fedex:smile:

Courage, mon ami.
It may take time to recover, but to quote the second most famous corporal in the world ' don't panic! don't panic!'.
Sometimes the setback is permanent, but i believe mostly people regain ground.
Rest and try and relax.
You've had a ridiculously hard time. I would buy a lotto ticket, your bad luck account is way overdrawn.

My mood is up and down every five minutes, I have been assured this is par for
the thingymbob, and I will after a few days return to normal, but it may be a few
days or is that daze,well its one or the other ,apparently Morpheeeen makes these
unpredictable ,what was I on about,Ah yes ,Golf, Golf makes Jack a Dull boy,Nope
that's not it, Mr Turnip can you answer the phones Im going for a lie down,you
have the Bridge Mr Luc Picard, ahead Warp9.:fearful:fedex:wink: