Updating the Employment and Parkinson's booklet


I am currently updating our booklet Employment and Parkinson’s and would like to bring it to life by including some of your stories.

The booklet will have information on everything to do with working with Parkinson’s, including legal rights for employees, telling your employer about Parkinson’s, looking for work and retirement.

Do you have an experience about work that you’d like to share? You may have something (positive or negative) to say about:

• Telling your employer or colleagues that you have Parkinson’s
• How Parkinson’s affects you at work and any changes you have made to how you work
• If you have experienced discrimination from employers or colleagues, and how you handled this
• Retiring or ending work
• Working while also caring for someone with Parkinson’s

To share your story, please drop me a line on [email protected]

Thank you

Alison Tebbutt
Professional Resources Editor
Did anyone reply to this request?

Hi elegant fowl,

Thanks for replying. I have been in touch with some people about their experiences for this booklet. I am still working on it however, so if you'd like to get in touch to find out more I'd be happy to hear from you.



Hi Alison,

Do you still want information about employers.



Hi ive just had to I'll health retire was working in the NHS was diagnosed 4 years ago and retired in november last year .parkinson support worker has been brilliant throughout this ordeal could not have managed without her .