Upping dose of Madopar

Hi, consultant suggested I up Madopar from 4 x 100mg per day to 5 as I have a tremor in Suprahyoid Muscle [Don’t ask, he’s never seen it before so is doing a paper on it]. After 8 days I still feel totally out of it and shaky! Has anyone else had a problem when they went to higher dose? I;m seeing PD nurse on Wednesday as I think I need to reduce back down! x

Hello,I was put on madoper last week, I take mine 3 times a day with my other Parkinson’s drugs taken at night,I was told it takes around 3 weeks before they kick in,I cannot have a higher dose though because I have kidney problems,bye.

Hi, thanks for info. I wasn’t aware it takes 3 weeks. Cannot believe that just by taking one extra tablet that it is giving me such side effects. Hopefully will settle down x

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