Hello out there.
A bit of an intimate question.
I am newly diagnosed and have a problem with urethral spasms. This first started after a bad case of cystitis last summer. Originally the spasms were quite painful; waking me up every hour, but various courses of antibiotics helped although didn’t resolve it. It was this plus other symptoms that prompted my GP to refer me to a neurologist (diagnosed with PD in the Autumn). I have seen a urologist and initially he diagnosed chronic urethritis, but now he says that he has exhausted all avenues to get rid of it and says that the PD specialist needs to take over. What I don’t understand is how it got 10 times better after the summer and antibiotics with the pain on voiding now gone. My actual bladder is fine, I am able to hold plenty of urine and have no incontinence but get spasms every time I get near to needing a wee.
Any info greatly appreciated.