Urgent E-petition asking for Govt funding into research

Last week I was devastated to find that the drugs trial I have been on may not continue to the next stage, even though the initial findings are optimistic, because they cannot secure the funding.

It was only then that I learnt that the research into finding a cure is so dependent on charity. Naive of me, I know, but I thought there'd be more Government funding.

Now I've found out that there is an e-petition asking for the Government to substatially increase funding into the research. To stand a chance of this being debated it needs 100,000 signatures. It only has 2,000 at the moment. (http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/45963

According to the PUK website, there are 127,000 PWPs in the UK. So even if only we signed it, that would hit the mark. With our friends and relations, we could make a major impact.

So why so few signatures? I've emailed and written to everyone I know and leafletted my neighbours but I just don't know 98,000 people.

And I'm wondering why there is nothing about this on the PUK news page? Does it matter that the petition was started by the Cure Parkinson's trust and not PUK? Is there history there that I've missed? Are we talking about a Judean People's Front v People's Front of Judea situation?

This is a call to action, comrades. We have nothing to lose but our shakes.