Urinary problems


Hi all,

In the next edition of The Parkinson (our membership magazine), I am going to writing an article which looks at urinary problems that may affect people with Parkinson's.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced this symptom and would be willing to talk about your experiences?

Thanks in advance!



  Yes I have and yes I will    

                         Regards  Fed


Hi Fed, thanks so much, I'll PM you.


I have , and as you are going to pm, I will.


Hi Karen

I will give you as much info as I can with my problem. Please PM me



Count me in Karen. Urge incontinence is my problem.


Hi Karen

Just seen your posting & hope I'm not too late?

I would be happy to talk about my experience with urinary problems.


Hi gooner, not too late at all! I'll PM you.

And you too Christo! 



Hi i have and happy to talk about it


Hi JUJU, hope you had a good weekend! I've PM'd you about this thread.  


Good morning.  I shall be happy to take part.

Best wishes



Hi Casie, thanks so much, I have PM'd you!