Urinary Tract Infections and Catheter Blockages



I do not have Parkinson's but I thought that something which happened to me might be of interest.  A search of the Internet left me with the impression that urinary tract infections and catheter blockages are common amongst people with Parkinson's. 

From January to July 2016 I had 23 catheter blockages.  Then it occurred to me that my blockages usually occurred together with an infection, so if the infections could be stopped, so too could the blockages.  Immediately following my last blockage, I started taking Nitrofurantoin to prevent blockages.  Since then I have had neither infection nor blockage. 

Please remember that Nitrofurantoin can have unwanted side-effects.  Some people have said that it can aggravate Parkinson's. 

A full account is available on the Internet.  Please search for Livingwithacatheter.  Alternatively I would be pleased to supply a copy.