Urinary tract infections which are very frequent

Are other people out there being plagued by frequent infections? I am very fortunate that my Parkinsons is not severe but I am getting repeat infections which pull me down. I have been referred to a urologist.


I seem to have constant urinary infections  and I am almost constantly on antibiotics. I'm seeing a urologist tomorrow.

I hope the appointment goes well.


My wife who has PD has suffered with these infections for 5 years and only been dx for 3 years. For a long time we didn't know weather it was the infections or the PD that was making her bad. She saw a Urologist for the first time 2 years ago who came to the conclusion that my wife had nothing sinister and referred her back to her GP. The tablets she was on  for bladder control that worked to a degree but these tablets mate her retain water in her bladder that was probably the cause of the infections. On Wednesday we are going to the clinic, after months of more investigations to discuss a catheter or botox. This is on top of trying to sort out her Parkinson meds because they are not working very well at all seeing PD nurse tomorrow.

                 I hope you get things sorted Frances...Billy


Update, My wife has had a catheter fitted which she is trying to get use to, it has a fip flow valve  that opens and closes. Its so you don't need to wear a bag all the time, of a night you fit a bag so you don't have the problem of getting out of bed all the time During the day you open it every 2 hours to empty you bladder.


Thanks  Billy. It`s useful to hear about someone else` experiences. It`s not helpful to be on constant antibiotics as I am,

All the best


Frances I have urinary track infection since 2007 had a operation and now taking ditoxatine which has cure my problem, I had lots of test and found bladder is slow to empty I would get nerve pain down my arms if I needed the loo. Then I started with the tremor s the neurologist said it is connect. I have also had kidney stone and had three op. P j