Urine infections/ hallucinations

Hi, after some advice please? 

My mum has PD and has been having recurrent urine infections. They are having a huge impact and her hallucinations which she can usually manage are becoming so real and unmanageable. Her movement is also much worse. Can anyone share any experiences of having such infections. Can they have this effect or should we be looking at other poss reasons for deterioration? She's seeing a urologist this week. Many thanks in advance for any help/advice X 

I have had almost continuous cystitis for the past six months which will clear with over the counter medicines but it soon comes back again.  I have had tests at the doctor but the results always come back as "nothing significant found".

I have assumed that this is nothing to do with the PD which I have now had since 2004, but guess they could well be related.

I put up with it, but it is really awkward sometimes when desperately searching for facilities and does become very uncomfortable.

Would be interested to know what the urologist thinks and whether it is related.

Good luck and hope you can make some progress with your mum.





Hello LJW1

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are well known to cause significant problems with hallucinations and delusions.  My husband had PD dementia and suffered from frequent UTIs which, I'm afraid, accelerated his deterioration.  I couldn't say whether they affected his movement. 

I can't offer any advice other than to say always be on the lookout for signs of a UTI and if suspected get antibiotics quickly. Also try and get your mother to drink plenty as dehydration will not only make her more susceptible to infection but will also make hallucinations worse.  

Does she have a PD nurse? If so she may be able to help. Also try the helpline on this site (phone number at top left hand side of the page). They will offer advice and support. 

I know what you are going through and send my good wishes to you and your Mum. 

Worrals  x

My wife doesn't have hallucinations but has plenty of urine infections obviously your mum needs to drink lots of water. When my wife goes to the toilet she has a wee then waits a bit then has another.When she thinks there is an infection i take a sample to our GP then after treatment i take another to see if its gone.She has not got one at the moment.Her movement and fatigue is bad but if she has an infection its much worse.