Urine retention?

:frowning::frowning: My husband has urine retention and no cause as yet!could it be Parkinsons?
Anybody any ideas? xx
hi sooo

sorry if i sound stupid but does your hubby have pd i was a little confused by your post if your hubby already has pd then i am not sure, it could be connected to the pd, but if he has not got pd and you are asking if it may be a sign of pd i dont honestly know, he has seen the gp i take it has he had a catherter fitted to relieve the retention. sue.

For some people Parkinsons is known to cause urinary problems especially urgency and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder. Its tied up with problems with our autonomic system. This reference may help.


Of course for men there is also prostate enlargement which is very common.
Speaking from personal experience, a bout of constipation can also be at the root. I usually had urinary urgency thanks to meds. There is around 6-8 " of tubing in blokes and 2 sphincter muscles - one for your bladder and one controlled by you ( or not ). Everyone thinks its just a bit of hosepipe. Very delicate and sophisticated so it is.

The doc can give your hubby tabs (contiflow).
so pleased this post has popped up . HAVe been having a bit of the same problem with my husband . Goodnight about the constipation ! and thanks for posting that site . It most helpful . The continence nurse , my husband isn't in cincontinenet but we use a night bag to take the pressure off off both of us . . She was arranging for another nurse to visit with a bladder scanner . SSTILL WAITING . . Any tips most welcome .Do you know what side effects the drugs they use might have . he is so sensitive to many meds
It could by nothing to do with PD. He should get his prostate checked out. A digital rectal examination, carried out by his GP, should reveal whether or not it's enlarged. However, an enlarged prostate does not necessarily indicate cancer as its fairly common in older men. He may be referred to a urologist.
I did think that . W,ll mention it next visit to go , or maybe the nurse will pick it up ..Can also be caused by the Parkinsons freezing I would think .
Thanks everybody!! My OH has PD for over 3 years, this is a new problem!! We have been ref to a urologist and have a catheter fitted!! hoping to get removed in April!! PSA slightly high but could be due to infection/catheter.

Just wondered if anybody else was affeted this way.

Thanks again and good look all PD sufferes and carers:grin:
Hi Sooo, speaking from experience, it could be related to medication - has your OH recently changed his drug regime? A urine infection can also present similar symptoms.

Hi Cutiepie

No! No change in tabs for over 18 months now! probably his age 60! and his prostate, so hope we can get it sorted and get rid of this cahteter and back to a "normal life" again xx:confused:
Not even to drug timings or dosage? I hope the trip to urology is useful and your OH feels much better soon. I want ever forget how painful and unhappy I felt when I suffered from urine retention. Cold remedies and anti-depresants, can also interfere with PD drugs, so be cautious. I wish you both well.

Best wishes
Hello sooo, I do have trouble with retention it only occurs when PD is giving me
a kicking,I also have Prostrate cancer, which of course can produce the same
symptoms ,this problem is in abeyance but not cured, I take drugs, the only treatment I can have , so make sure you find out as much as you possibly can as it could be caused by numerous defects.
Regards fedex

My brother has Pakinson's and an enlarged prostate which has led to him having a catheter.  He has been offered surgery but has been warned that sucess is not gauranteed ..... course there are risks.

Has anyone outb there any experience of prostate reduction?

coolHello Auntie Val


   I feel sorry for your Brother  I was in a worrying situation 2 yrs ago,a similar but different situation, I could not have radio therapy as dyskie wouldnt let me be, I couldnt have chemo as I would have to stop all my parky drugs which would result in  total paralysis, so I was offered GOSERELIN implants , these are adminstered by the nurse at the local surgery every 3 months and have stopped any further problems and my water works are 85 -90% efficent,I should also point out I had the TURPS  operation which made a massive difference and so far  x  A/OK. incidently the implants are placed under the skin, no problem no pain, I am being treat for Prostate Cancer, which may or may not need a similar approach, but no harm in enquiring, SHY BAIRNS GET NOWT, as they say in GEORDIE LAND

                                             I wish you well Val and your Brother of course, it would be the best christmas evey if  your troubles were eased,  good luck  FED

I was diagnosed Sep 2010 with PD and a enlarged prostate for whch I had a TURPS operation. This was not successful in that the frequency to urinate remains often. Further the surgery caused a stricture (narrowing) in the pee pipe which I have to maintain pee pipe clearance by self catheterising twice weekly. Also due to flow in random directions it is necessary to sit down to pass urine! A sample of the tissue removed from the prostate indicated I have prostate cancer albeit low risk for which the present treatment is active surveillance.

 In 2012 I had lumps appear in the groin, pee pie and penis which were found to be transient cancer cells from bladder cancer. I have had successfully chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

On the plus side the cancer took my mind of the PD!

Hello Aunty Val

I`ve picked up this post rather late but I can say my OH had prostate reduction and it has been entirely successful.  The narrowing of the pee pipe followed by self catherisation has also been successful.  We gradually reduced the frequency to about once a month and after a year were told to stop the catherisation all together.

Hope this is helpful