USA Touring holiday questions

Before his PD gets too bad to travel long haul, J and I would like to do our dream holiday to the US this year.  We've long planned to visit the canyonlands - Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion and Monument valley. A lot of the tours on offer feature hectic days with what seems to be long periods spent on the coach and little time actually at any of the sights. . We found one tour which appears to be at a more leisurely pace but it starts in Denver Colorado. When I mentioned this to someone they asked if J would be ok with his PD at altitude. Anyone know if high altitudes affects PD?  Also if anyone else has done a canyons touring trip I'd love to hear any tips/highlights. 

Hi suzyr

Don't hesitate just do it ! I did a trip there sometime ago before diagnosis but i think I could still do it now as long as I allowed myself to be a little slower . The canyon lands aren't at especially high altitude and I don't think altitude especially affects Parkinsons more than any one else . I 've not noticed altitude effects in the USA ,I have done in the Andes in Peru/Bolivia and the Himalayas in Nepal /Tibet but their much higher places and for long periods high up to . I think I have read some where that Micheal J Fox felt his symptons were better whilst at altitude in Buhtan !! I was in the mountains of the south island of new zealand last month the only thing I noticed was my tremor being worse on exertion on steep paths , I had worried about my left leg coping with rocky paths but it did ok .I am in early stages so working on Bucket list too before I can't .In the canyonlands you will be able to see alot with out having to do to much exertion my favourite was Zion national park I remember a steep walk there up angels landing which might be harder now but you would still see alot without doing it .The canyon lands are amongst the most diverse landscapes in the world the american national parks service maintains very good access to them ,they are the best national park service in the world in my opinion .Take a good camera and good size memory card Bryce was great as is monument valley , Whytes canyon and of course the grand canyon all accessible at level of exertion that suits you .Thinking about it I have also read of people with PD doing the Inca trail which is alot higher in altitude and exertion !! Have fun .big grin