Use of a computer mouse with PD

Hi. Does anybody have any tips for improving the use of a computer mouse for those with a tremor ? I have recently bought a trackball, but that’s taking some getting used to.
Does anybody have any experience with SteadyMouse software, or any of the mouse filtering adapters that are available ?

Hi Pete, you can alter speed and tracking in your computer settings and if that does not help and you only have or mainly have tremors on one side try using the other hand, it works for me. You made new to change some settings in your computer set up for left or right handed.

The only other one I have heard of but couldn’t really get on with is to wear a weighted cuff on your wrist of the affected side.

Hope one of these helps, John :sunglasses:

It may be of some help if you use the dictation software built into Mac or Windows PCs. This will at least stop you needing to use the mouse as much. Also using key controls for things like cutting and pasting

FYI this entire post has been dictated on a Mac…