Useful information

I don't know if recommending a book is allowed here. I have no vested interest in doing so except to help.

Parkinsons UK provides excellent publications for the newly diagnosed but in addition I have just read the Family doctor publication 'Understanding Parkinson's Disease' by Prof. Tony Schapiro (written in conjunction with the BMA).

I know many in here are all clued up on information so to them it might not say much that is new. But it is current, clear and quick and easy to read all in one sitting whilst containing most of the information all in one place that a newly diagnosed, or anyone, would want to know. I just thought I'd recommend it.... it's modestly priced and available online or at our well known local chemists.

hi sf,thankyou for that information,i for one will deffo be intrested in the book,i kinda no a fair about pd,cus i had it 11 years now,but sf,im still learnin everyday more and more so thanks agin x:smile:
I've just noticed that there are other books with the same name. Others might be just as good or better but the one I read was published April 2008 single author Tony Schapira
Hi SF, is it relatively positive in how it puts things across?
I don't recall it being either... it just presented the information