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I have an android smart phone that I really think I could start ww3 with on a bad day. Not so bad with family and friends (not great, but not so bad) but a disaster at work. I recently read in The Progress Magazine, however,  that there are many features/settings that can help so I optimistically trawled through 'abilitynet', my phone settings and apps but unless I've missed something (always possible)  it seems in reality that, barring purchasing one of the latest model, high end phones (which I can't afford), there seems to be very little out there to help. Speech to text is good in the right environment although by the time I've messed up making manual corrections several times I tend to lose the will...

It's not just my phone though, while I still hold onto my job by my fingertips,  IT at work remains a huge challenge. I have Dragon Dictation but it doesn't function in Citrix (which I need to use) and I have to use Windows OS which has good old sticky and filter keys and a speech recognition system that is temperamental at best but little to level the playing field. I don't need tweaks to help me use tech at a basic level, I need to be able to keep up with others and I can't; I am hideously behind with 'paperwork' because it takes me so much longer than everybody else.  I believe Microsoft is bringing a wordflow keyboard to windows 10 - which would be amazing if it's true and if it can get past workplace security and if they will use Windows 10 - so many ifs- but having battled with IT support for the past 18 months on any number of issues ( in fairness they are short staffed and so I am a pain) I will reign in my optimism :-S

There is constant talk of the digital revolution and the benefits, and savings, it can bring to all types of situations and organisations, including the NHS, but what would be really useful in order for me to access this 'revolution' would be an easy to access and simple but comprehensive guide to accessibility apps and settings on all sorts of devices (not one with lots of links and signposting mad - which is increasingly feeling like the new cop-out).

As I said, I may well have missed something, or many things, so I was just wondering what anybody else has found that's useful?   Thank you. Jx


oops, thought I'd corrected everything - The Parkinson Magazine. :-S

Hi Jackson, 

Sorry to hear you're having to struggle with technology at work. That must be frustrating. Have you been able to talk to your employer about what you've mentioned? 

I'm not an expert on accessibility where smart phones are concerned, I'd usually say check out ability net but if you don't find their website useful I'll refrain (although you might want to get in touch with them to discuss further?)

What we would do here is support the employee and carry out a work place assessment. You can get help from the Government for this too, have you seen the Access to Work grants? They are there to help you and your employer pay for practical support. 

Some more links for you (sorry!), - pretty interesting webinar on voice control!


Acces to work is the way to go

Thank you for the replies. I don't think I always phrase things well :-(.  Abilitynet is useful but can only report on what's available and although accessibility options for dexterity on phones and tablets  are increasing, this is only on high end, new devices as far as I can tell - but I may well have missed something. Until I work out what I've missed, however, or can afford a better smart-phone, I've given up and reverted to a phone with buttons - altogether safer as I'm much less likely to send random texts and emails to the wrong person!
Access to work are good but they can't evaluate how the products they recommend will interact with workplace systems - including security settings. They refer these issues back to  workplace IT departments who don't always have much knowledge and understanding of the programmes/ equipment recommended or the need for it ------ 16 months after owning up that typing was difficult followed by two OH visits, an access to work assessment and several less than wise emails sent out of utter frustration and I almost have a solution and just about have a job - I suspect that the emails haven't helped ;-S    :-(.
I'll try the links Kat, thank you - I think I'm just on signposting overload (and Parkinson's is accelerating my descent into constant grizzling, but I do need to try to stop!)
Thanks again.  Jx

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