Using Ibuprofen gel

Does anyone know if it's safe to use Ibuprofen gel when taking PD meds.? I'm on Elderpryl and Madopar.

I've got a very painful swollen bite on my lower leg. Didn't see the little blighter that did it! My leg has gone hard and feels hot and itchy. Also hurts to walk on it. I put Sudocrem on last night, but hasn't helped.

If not Ibuprofen gel, what else can I do to relieve the swelling?

Really need it to go down and feel better soon, as I'm going on a Hotel Chocolat Experience and Tasting day course, on Saturday and don't want to miss that!!!!

Any advice gratefully received, thanks.


Hi Twinks

Am thinking maybe an antihistamine cream crsince it's a reaction tto abite. I wouwo checchwtwth pharmacists and i it ges worsa dr in caseit need antibiotics.

Amnot allowed to ue iboprufen mysef because allergic to asprin. Hope you get it sorted.


Thanks Porthos, will ask pharmacist when I go shopping later. Hobbling a bit at the moment!

Yes, I think Ibuprofen gel is for joint/muscle pain. You need some anti-sting ointment.

For info, I've used Ibuprofen gel without any problems - I'm on different meds but they all work in broadly the same way so I'm sure it fine to use it.

Thanks Tabbycat.......much appreciated.

Just had a call from the Practice Nurse at my surgery and she's going to look at the bite at 11.30am., so hopefully all will be well. Thank you Porthos and Tabbycat for your replies.



Hi I dont have a cure for the bite, but I can recommend a method of keeping mozzie's away and that is avon 'skin so soft'  as anglers we use it and even soldiers use it.

Hi Sea Angler,

Yes, use it all the time.........always have it in stock. Put it on my arms and chest the other day, forgot my legs!! That'll teach me. Now got some antihistamine cream from the nurse, but still hurts like hell.



I didn't know that! Will need to find an avo lady . Hope the cream works quickly for you.

You can get skin so soft from Amazon, maybe other web sites too. Its brilliant - theory is that the insects dont like the oiliness. 


My best friend is our local Avon lady, so I've been using it for a few years now. Mind you, it doesn't always work, I find. Either that, or I'm particularly tasty to the little biting blighters! Think this one was a horse fly bite though.......they can be gross. Anyway, my leg seems a little bit better this evening, after 2 applications of antihistamine. Will see what the morning brings......

Hope no-one else on here is suffering too!



Those bites can be sooooo nasty twinks. Hope it goes down soon cos the itching is awful isn't it.

i didn't know about the Avon cream either. Definitely one I shall have to order! You take care.


Thanks's gone down slightly today and less painful and hot.

My bite is nothing compared to what you're going through though! Hope all goes well on 10th. August. I admire the way you seem to take it all in your stride.

Take care and best wishes.