Using the Wii

I have recently purchased a Nintendo Wii. Would love to hear from anybody who uses one to help their pd.

It is great for making me laugh when I try and do some of the exercises. I am rubbish at heading the football, always being told I am too slow on the step routine and can't seem to get above the basic level in anything. 

Hi Georgie,  

               I love my wii , Im a dancing queen , in my mind , I can never do the games , first level and Im out, but who cares !  It keeps me active and co-ordination is important for us. Look in the sites to find something you enjoy , the singing ones are fun and they say singing is good for parkinsons .   If you find something you like let us know , but the Just Dance are great , my daughters are fed up with me wanting to dance !!!

Thanks for that, I'll have a look.