Vaccinations for overseas travel

Hello...has anyone any experience of taking anti malarial drugs along with parkinsons drugs, in this case azilect, mirapexin and tryhexiphenydil?
I've never taken anti malarials never mind since being on PD meds. I would appreciate anyone's comments if you have done so.
My husband (PwP) took Chloroquine whilst on the agonist Requip and took Malarone(this one needs a presciption and is expensive) whilst on Requip and Madopar. You need to know what anti malaria medication is needed for the area to which you are going.We have found a good pharmacist is the best source of information. A travel clinic is also good.No ill effects whatsovever. Do not mess with malaria as too many comer back to the U.K with it. When we go to a malaria zone we make sure not only to take the tablets, but to buy effective anti mosquito wipes (We like Boots tropical wipes as you can carry them easily) and to wear lightweight long trousers and long sleeves in the evening, so as to avoid bites. A plug in anti mosquito "zapper" is a good idea as well.Enjoy yourself.
Personally,I would not touch Mefloquine hydrochloride (also known as Lariam or Mefaquin) but I do not think there is any need to do so as Malarone,I believe,is just as effective without the same risk of side effects.Where are you thinking of going?
Hello ECD and thanks for your replies. Do not fear I do not intend to mess with malaria - I am far less gung ho about these things than I was pre-PD! May I ask why you do not recommend the first one you mentioned (sorry, can't see your message as I type my reply so forget the word). I am thinking of Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana. Thank you, and if anyone else has any experience of anti malarials with PD meds I'd be grateful to hear from you.
Well if anyone else is interested to know the answer, according to helpline there are no contra-indications between parkinsons meds and antimalarials.
One step closer to adventure!
I am so sorry to have been so long replying but I missed your posting. We took Malarone when we went to South Africa on Safari as Chloroquine is not suitable for that area. I presume malaria has become immune to it in that area. I think it would be Malarone for where you are thinking of going, but you need to consult a pharmacist or Travel Clinic. Please feel free to P.M me.
Thanks ECD for your information. We are currently engaged in getting the best trip to suit our needs, medium comfort with maximum opportunity to see what is out there in the wild... Botswana we reckon. Is fantastic to be able to plan four months ahead too, PD is stable at present whereas two years ago it was in rapid progression... so I am aiming to make the most of it!