Variety of symptoms

It seems that we certainly do experience a range of symptoms some of which are only evident short term. Last week I was experiencing lower back muscular pain - for the past few days, while walking, my right leg feels like it has gone to sleep - I’m looking forward to this symptom vanishing. I’m sure there are far worse things that could be experienced though so I’d just like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

@Justthisguy, Easter has come and gone and I hope you had a good one, though undoubtedably different from the one you were planning.

I have had the same thing lower backpain but left leg feeling as it does not want to do what it should and feeling very heavy. As you say there are worse things. But if it keeps reoccurring of gets worse make sure you see your GP to get a referral for a spinal assessment / x-ray/ MRI to rule out any other issues. I waited too long and it was not until I was getting lower and middle back pain before I did anything about it.

Hope it has got better but if not see your GP as backpain can become extremely frustrating and limiting if it does not go away :sunglasses:

Thanks for that - it certainly was very different. The back pain has gone - i think a little tai chi and qi kung helped even if, initially, i was on panadol extra. The leg still feels a bit dodgy but I think sticking to a low protein breakfast and a rubbing a little ibuprofen gel helps. Cheers - best wishes.

ps My right calf muscle is a bit of a problem tonight - it feels as though I am working it too hard with a pain that woke me (at approx 4 am). Even though the muscle is not contracting it felt sore. I tried some Ibuprofen gel but that didn’t work or, at least, was not working then so I just tried some more Panadol Extra. It feels better now since I got up and walked a little and sat down (or is the pain killer working already LOL)? Sorry about all this - if I carry on you’ll have to invoice me for a consultation fee hah!

@Justthisguy, QI Gong is a good form of exercise I find it helps with reducing stress, balance and movement issues and helps with building core strength. I am by no means an expert in it as I only started it since lockdown.
Like any exercise you need to gradually build up the number of repetitions of each element of the 8 brocade and also importantly don’t forget the warm up and warm down at the start and end of exercising.
I have always been competitive so I certainly know in the first week I was trying to do to much too quickly and my muscles certain my let me know. Listen to your body and remember Mr parky is with us for a long journey so our level of exercise can be the same a little and often to start with until you gradually build up to more and more.
Hope your calf muscle loosens up as the day goes on, as one of my many physio told me motion is lotion and if you have over done the exercises just keep moving and reduce the limits of the exercise until it starts to feel better.
Keep exercising , keep smiling, be happy and stay safe :sunglasses:

JPS1926 My calf muscle feels much better thanks - I’ll go easy a bit today. Certainly - take care - stay safe

My calf muscle felt a bit dodgy today. I was told, a few years ago to "Walk two miles every day come rain or shine… " which I’ve done ever since except today. I walked a much shorter distance and did some qi kung and gentle jogging on the spot with push ups and crunches. It wasn’t until hours later that I felt the need to rub some ibuprofen gel into my muscle - and I left a message on my PD nurse answering machine - hopefully she will get back to me soon.

ps I recall that on Wednesday last week I walked for 4.8 miles and I don’t think there were any symptoms or aches and pains (i’ve done that several times over the past few years and further - with no symptoms) - almost as if PD symptoms are random

@Justthisguy random very true, and that I find the most frustrating. Some days wake up feel fine and little in the way of symptoms to worry about. Other days well I am having one of those woke at 3.30am could not get back to sleep lots of stiffness in legs and tremors not to good. Took my morning meds as usual at 6.00am and starting to feel better after 30 mins in hot tub followed by 30 mins Qi Kong. Mrs S just got up and told me last night I was very restless and shouting out in my sleep.
Oh well another day, hoping for the sun to come out so I can do some gardening. Have a good day and stay safe :sunglasses:

You too mate