Vary Meds for Exercise


Interested to know if anyone ups the dosage of their medication when they plan to take sustained or strenuous exercise?

If you have tried this, how did it turn out; was it beneficial, and did the practice do you any harm? Was it done with the approval of your neuro?

I try to cycle each weekend and attempt hillwalikng on average once a month. I can still manage both activities but slowing, so curious to know if anything short term can be done to keep things going that bit longer.

Hi Grey, yes I up my dosage during the days when I am working. I have encountered two neuros who disagreed violently on this - one said 'fine' and the other said on no account should medication be taken in this way. So I still do it.
Hi Tamsin,

Thanks for reply. Do you recall why neuro was against this, it's in the back of my mind that my neuro didn't agree either, but I cannot recall why.

Hi Grey, sorry if this appears twice, it didn't seem to register before. Yes, the neuro concerned said that medication should be always 'steady', otherwise one may encounter severe and unnecessary ups and downs during the day. Therefore, one shouldn't wait for symptoms to reappear or worsen before taking medication, but take it smoothly throughout the day whatever. This is obviously correct, but I find I need more to get me through particularly heavy days, and less on days when I am just at home, say, with minimal stress. My present neuro is fine with this.