Vascular parkinsonism

Hi ,

 I was originally diagnosed with PD just over 2 years ago but recently , due to my lack of response to Sinemet  i have been diagnosed  with Vascular Parkinsonism. I was hopeful that I'd find some fellow VP sufferers on this forum but I can't find any posts about this particular health problem.

The main difficulty with VP is that there appears to be nothing by way of medications to help control the symptoms or to help the pain and stiffness.So here I am with a form of Parkinson's that there seems to be little knowledge about it's long term effects : neither  can I  find any research work which centres on this difficult disease. 

So if there are people out there who suffer from VP I'd be very pleased to hear from you. 




Hi Jaykay

sorry you havent had a response to your query.  I dont have any knowledge of vascular Parkinsons but maybe by bumping this post up someone may give you a more informed answer.

a few research links here but I dont know if they say any more than you already know.

best wishes


Dear Hikoi,


Many thanks for your response and apologies for the delay in acknowledging it. After getting no response to

my original post I got very despondent and i decided not to visit this site until today. I am feeling very much better now and a lot more positive about he future.

Thank you once again for your support 

Best regards,







Hello, jaykay -- and a late "welcome" !

I am just another pwp who is ignorant of VP, I'm afraid.  I tried to research it, too, and found about as little info as you did.  One source did say that levodopa can be effective in some cases; another suggested taking an aspirin per day if your doctor approves (an anti-stroke technique).  Go home and take an aspirin?  That's almost adding insult to injury, I think.

So I'm sorry none of us has been able to offer anything but sympathy so far.  Maybe someone more knowledgeable will post later.  Best wishes to you --      J