Vascular PD AND Demencia

Hi my name is Andrea, my father has Vascular PD, which was brought on by a stroke, along with it he has Demencia, I was just wonder if anyone out there had the Vascular PD and the sort of med's they are taking to help them,at the moment my father is in hospital, but sometimes I feel, i seem to know more about my fathers condition than they do, and what I know isn't that much, he has no Parkinson Nurse in the community and we have never been to see a Neuro, I wonder if that is to do with the fact he has Vascular PD and not the other type, so my main query is, is there anyone out there with the Vascular PD and the sort of Med's they are on, my father has only ever been given Sinemet, and my concerns that he should still be on a combination of med's, is very much being ignored, because he has the vascular type, the Dr's say the pd med's don't have an effect on vascular pd suffers, but that's not true because he has no tremors now, he is still to a certain extent mobile with help, when the Dr's decide to take him off the Sinemet med's, he virtuely couldn't walk at all, as soon as he was back on them, his mobility was back to the way it was before,are there any suffers of this kind of PD and if so what sort of med's do they take, to help, I know every one is different but it might point me in the right direction to ask for these med's, if there, any out there

thank you for reading this

Hi Andrea

Welcome to the forum. Someone in the community here may have more specific experiences to share with you, but in the meantime I wanted to let you know there is an information sheet on Vascular Parkinsonism here: which contains a general overview of the condition, including a bit on treatments. Also if you call our helpline 0808 800 0303, you can speak with a nurse about some of the medication questions you raised.