Vascular pd

I recently had my DNA genotyped courtesy of 23andMe. It revealed that my highest health risk was SNP rs 6025 in the F5 gene on chromosome 1. The average risk is 12,3% but mine is 39.8%.

F5 acts as a switch to activate the blood clotting mechanism when required and switch it off when not needed. People with my genotype (CT) at rs6025 have the risk of a mutation whereby the switch is turned on but cannot be turned off. This generates an unwanted stream of blood clots causing DVT, strokes etc.

The name of the condition is F% Leiden thrombophilia.

My query is this. Could this defect be generating micro-infarcts in my substantia nigra and thus causing my PD?
Hi Shakey,

I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused by numbers and letters in your post, I'm not well up on medical terms, reading between the lines got me thinking, I was under a blood specialist when I was 14, I used to get blood clots under my skin, the specialist said it was caused by leaking blood cells, I was also told to take vitamin C supplements, I saw this specialist for about 3yrs and that's all the answers I got.
Sorry if I'm off track with this topic, I wasn't sure if there was a connection or not.

Take Care!
Strange, I to have factor 5 leiden !
You can learn all about Factor 5 and its mutation at

My query is if this mutation can cause strokes is there any reason to believe that it cannot cause PD?