Veering to the left

Has anyone ever experienced a veering to the left or the right while walking!!






Yes Graham, have done for a little while now, keep going off balance, have to use a walking on most days now to stop me from falling over! I've noticed I tend to go more to the left, the side which I have the dreaded parky on


Yep me to could not walk a straight line if my life depended on it ,I have to use a walking stick to keep me upright and help steer  LOL

   Live well. Cc


Swerving yes I don't know if its something to do with the side of our brain effected and trying to stay asymmetrical ? as we walk & effort from it

me too !

Haven't noticed this walking, but for about a year before I started meds for PD when I was cycling up a very narrow lane I would tend to veer towards the left bank and lost a lot of confidence. Also had probs cycling through staggered barriers. Luckily meds seem to have sorted this out, but still have to concentrate extra hard at barriers. Assume to do with spatial awareness?? Also don't like cycling close beside other people now. 


Hi I'm new to this site I've currantly.been dignosed.with fibromyalgia in the. Last.13 months but recently had some very Worring symptoms such I. Did have hand tremors before.but. Only. Now. And. Then . But the.last.4-5 months I've had them all.the time my memory's really bad some.days otjers days are better and recent few months I've has tremors in my head and. Legs.shake.a bit.too. also.I've noticed my eye site. Has got.really blurry when I've but has been slightly. Blurred with them. On too . Also I've noticedy had writing. Is awful.and I struggle to.wrote.certain letters as I forget them it's. Also.the same.for my speach some.days what I won't. To.say comes somthing. Else or I. Can't. Remember how.or what I'm saying. can imagine I am rather concerned I do have a family member with parkisons so I went to.seey.GP and he was quite concerned. About. My new symptoms so.he's refured me to.a Nerourlogistis. Which I September . So. I was.just.wondering if.anyone can give me.some advice. Before they was dignosed with parkinsons what was your syptoms i don't want to.speculate. And say I have got.or. Not. But I know.what my symptoms are and seem very much linked to parknisons . So can they had before.dignoses.and was it. The'm.having . advance x

Hi There,

I was diagnosed in October last year.

For sometime I noticed that I had a tremor on my left side, it affected my hand and my leg, I also noticed that my left side was also a lot weaker than my right and my fingers tended to lock.

I also had a bit of a problem with my balance.

It is awful when you do not know what is wrong, but the best thing is not too worry.


Good luck

Keep posting.

Thank you the same happens to me my fingers lock and also by balance is rubbish and I tend to walk to one side I've noticed . But I'm more concerned that my memory has got bad and I struggle to rember how to write certain words or letters although I laugh about my new symotoms . Its really not funny as it's quiet s deliberating condition to have . But I strugged to understand why I do the things I do I'd I can't understand myself how can I make my children undrstand . Today ad been a rather bad day and I've felt so faint and sick planed on doing house wrk but had to stop before I even started due to nerly passing out . So I've spent the rest of the day asleep . Iping tommorrows a better day

I've noticed I tip over a little when I change direction, ie walking out of room and turning to go along a corridor my head and shoulder brush against the wall for 2 or 3 steps.

I have very much the same of I'm turning a corner I loss ballance or walked into.the walls. Or door frame . Also I've noticed I side dont mean to laugh at myself but it's almost like. I'm. Drunk and I often think god I bet pepole. Think. That of me. I've noticed this.more when I'm walking side by side some one and im walking into.them . Don't know if.that's what you.have at all.

Hi Tinkerbell

   Yep been accused of been drunk while out shopping at 9am lol have not touched alcohol since 1978 .

  I tend to wander in all directions and must admit I do laugh at myself for it.

   Live well.  Cc

Cheshire cat  when I was diagnosed 5 years ago my last drink was1984 and I do hit my left shoulder on every door I go through.

A local Parkinsons charity  Michaels Movers bought 5 laser beam walking sticks  and I have a loan of one for a month. I have already found out, I think I am walking straight ,Hell NO veering left all the time.

A word about the charity Maria found out her husband Michael had PD 15 yrs ago and has worked tirelessly since then,this is as well as running her business as a fitness instructor.

last year her work was recognised and she was in the honours list 

Thanks for your reply . Nice to know I'm not the only one .that's wounderful news keep up the good work

Hi Tinkebell34

welcome , I also keep walking into door frames, also if I am out at a pub say having dinner

my left hand (most affected side) I tend to keep resting on my leg, when I lift up my arm I tend to catch the table with my hand, happens quite often. The balance one is kind of like I'm stood on the deck of a ship 

whilst in choppy water,  I have to make myself concentrate on standing straight. The tiredness is a big thing for me I feel absolutely drained at times and have to force myself to keep going.

You can find booklets / pamphlets to download  on this site concerning different aspects of Parkinson's, such as how to tell your children or grandchildren about Parkinson's. 

Take care



Thank you x