Vehicle tax

I was awarded higher rate living allowance and standard rate mobility back in 2014, I never realised that i could have had a 50% reduction until this week . I thought that you could only claim for 100% exemption if you were on the highest rate. I know the likely answer is no, but would i be able to claim  for  the years i never claimed for a tax reduction.

You could always enquire to dvla ,when i had my car my car and had higher mobility i didn't pay for any car tax had a form which post office stamped then they gave me free tax disc

gus, I know the score now, I will ring them tomorrow, I'd be surprised if they did . I have just got a zero band car . Just my luck. If it wasn't for bad luck i wouldn't have any. But hey, I am not complaining. I have been gifted with the looks of Brad pitt and the body of Arnold swarzeneger and the imagination of Forrest gump.

well i did call the dvla and they told me to write to the refunds dept and they would send me a cheque within 6 weeks. So i have written to them.

wow great news ! not all bad

got a reply back from dvla, sent them my pip entitlement letter and they will calculate my refund. 

if everything was that easy !

got my letter explaining how they calculated my refund and a cheque will follow.

cheque came today, sorted

Great news