Seeking your thoughts and experiences please. My hwp has now not been able to stand nor walk for 4 years (diagnosed with P 10 years ago but Sepsis came calling and that is what caused the immobility)
Since being a full time wheelchair user he has gained at least 4 stone in weight so pushing him anywhere for sny length of time isn’t really an option. We have an array of ‘wheels’ he has an electric wheelchair provided by nhs wheelchair service which he uses at home but doesn’t feel safe to use on the street because he feels unbalanced and likely to fall. He has a largeish mobility scooter that he uses if we walk locally (he chooses not to go out alone unless occasionally to s GP app) We have a small mobility scooter that can be dismantled to go in the car and a lightweight folding manual wheelchair.
We are now considering changing our car to allow easier access by ramp or winch for the elec wheelchair and/or large mob scooter. I do have to travel with my elderly parents or grandchildren too so require at least 4/5 seats as well as space of wheelchair/scooter. Any suggestions/ experiences or maybe things to avoid. We can’t afford brand new and husband not eligible for PIP or disability allowance so no financial help.

i am not am expert but would have thought PIP or Motability would apply for someone with his mobility issues

Hi Jay, no doubt had my husband been diagnosed before he was 65 then he would have been able to claim Disability Living Allowance of as it is now called PIP. Unfortunately for use because it took 2 years to obtain a diagnosis he was then over 65. Anyone over 65 is not entitled to claim this benefit. Mobility forms part of PIP and if you can’t have PIP you can’t have the mobility element of it. Attendance allowance can be claimed but this is not acceptable to be used by the mobility scheme.

Can you claim attendance allowance ? You may also be able to claim carers allowance ?

Hi Lar
My husband does claim attendance allowance yes, sadly this cannot be used for the mobility scheme.
I was able for a short period of time to Claim Carers allowance but this is taken away on e you receive your state pension. I have started a petition to stop state pension being classified as a benefit. Once you are in receipt of your state pension caters allowance is considered an overlapping benefit and you are no longer entitled to it. Here is the link to petition if anyone is interested