Vertigo, Falling and Articulation

These are the three points where I have been most vulnerable. I got diagnosed back in 2006, so I have been taking Madopar, Rotigotin and amatadine-sulpahete (PK-Mertz) for over 10 years noe and they seem to bo helping much…Recently I got into a number of accident by falling off my bicycle and off the stairs with no major injuries. Plus, in the evenings in “OFF” periods my articulation is hardly understandable I have also noticed that Madopar is taking effect later ang wearing off more quickly…ang I got a succesful DBS inplant (ST Jude )three years ago…I wonder which way to turn to to slow down the progress…I What is the next STEP??? Any ideas?

Oh, Yes I nearly forgot that I have lived a very active life /exercising and running biking daily/ and have been trying to eat like I have been advised ( little protein in the day cus it’s slowing down the impact of madopar) . My doing of exercises is becoming more and more dificult cus of a constant cramp-like (tension) in the abdomenal part of my body.

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I have been suffering with abdominal pain for nearly a year now. I have recently had a bout of vertigo which was a nightmare! I am wondering if we have similar problems. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 3 years ago and like yourself I was a regular member of my local gym and considered myself as fit . I have been told by a good friend who is a health care professional that this may be a symptom of ‘wearing off ‘ . I need to see my Parkinson’s nurse I think .

Hi Miffy, Abdominal pain may come from a number os sources (Incl. PD) The reason might be wearing off that you mention, , however I think 3 years is not long enough to grow resistance for the drug…Your specialist may e a right solution, nevertheless I seriously think that DOCTORS make guesses on the basis of what you’re saying. The best healer can be yourself, getting the best attitude and food four your system:) Is sleeping an issue with you? Niightmares should not be regarded nightmares as long as you can tell a bad joke about yourself. I’ve been trying for two decades and still I manage TO MAKE SOME people laugh…