Two weeks ago I had severe vertigo.  Thought I was getting a migraine which I don't get!  But the flashing lights at my periphial vision.  Then nausea, no headache but don't normal.  Called our daughter and she brought me motion sickness pills from store after checking with pharmacist.  She was told that this was common with PD!  (Not something else to add to the list!!)    I then recalled 2 lesser spells , this year that I thought I had miraculously evaded migraine!  So today I awoke with it again!  The last one was so severe that I fixed me a pre-vertigo box by my bed.  It hits upon awakening.  So the pills and all I needed were within easy reach!  Thank God.  The pill, taken so early on, I think prevented a severe one.  My daughter was told they can be quite frequent or weeks or months apart!!! So do any of you have this?  Please tell me what i need to know and do.  Thanks.


Sorry for leaving your post unanswered. I don’t suffer from vertigo, but a study of PWP four years ago was set up to investigate vertigo. It found that in the study group, 5.3% had a condition called Benign Positional Vertigo.

This, as you can tell from the name, is nothing to worry about, though it is a pest. As you’ve discovered, it’s easy to treat with medication. 

It sounds very much like this is what you have. As I’ve said, it’s nothing serious. Just as it started fairly suddenly, it can disappear spontaneously. Just take the tablets when it kicks off until such time when it leaves you.

So it’s not migraine, it is probably one of the Parkinson’s Fairy’s little gifts.