Anyone help with vertigo symptoms

I have had Meniers decease for a long while pre Parkinson’s. This has the similar symptoms - you can get medication to help ease the symptoms as well as sickness. I was told to cut salt down/out. I also found oranges made it worse - but it may not for you. Your GP can help you - I know how it is - when I have an attack I am sick for around 5 days hmmmmm.

thanks for your reply Eve I feel as though this feeling i have is not to do with the Parkinson’s. I am struggling with my walking as it is .Its a mere shuffle now so this is causing me grief.I feel the experts think I am in denial. But this is not natural i am sure. I have spoken to the parkinson nurse who assures me vertigo can be a part of the illness. But I get up in the morning and feel relatively normal I take all my meds and hen i have had breakfast i take the co careldopa and a bout an hour later I go downhill

Hi Cassie, it may be benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) where some of the crystals in the inner ear are out of position. I had it once and it made me dizzy & sick, it felt like my head was in a spin dryer. The doctor moved my head in a sequence of movements and told me to try not to move my head to either side for 24 hours which was very difficult but it worked thank goodness. Hope you get better soon

Hello, I’m interested to see this reference to BPPV. This, I think, is true vertigo! I have experienced it (only on and off) for the last 10 years. It lasts for about a week and goes away itself and occurs when I turn a certain way in bed. These bouts of dizziness only last for a few seconds, but are extremely intense. The analogy to a spin dryer is totally apt. The crystals in the inner ear are in the wrong place and give the brain false messages regarding movement, thus resulting in the crazy spinning sensation described by Nufcash. There are specific head movements which can be done to remedy the situaton, or it goes away itself (even if it does come back).

However, this is totally distinct to the chronic, general wooziness which I seem to carry round all the time (often worse outside). It makes me feel disorientated in unfamiliar sitiiuations and verges on agoraphobia. (This was one of my pre-diagnosis symptoms and was attributed to eyes, blood pressure, etc., etc…)

Anyway, I’m doing fine and not complaining, but my main point is that professionals don’t seem to appreciate the different levels of dizziness, lightheadedness, wooziness, unsteadyness - and I find it quite difficult to explain.

Just wanted to jump into the forum at some point, and, for the record, was diagnosed just over two years ago (datscan) and currently taking 3 Madapar daily - oh! and just turned 70 and female.

Best wishes everyone

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My husband had a similar experience and found that it was partly due to postural hypotension. PD and the drugs lower BP. If your BP drops on standing you may then feel very faint. Fludrocoriszone can be prescribed to raise BP. My husbands consultant also referred him to ENT specialist to test for inner ear problem but this wasn’t the cause. After actually passing out and being admitted to A and E he was found to have been having VTs (heart arythmias) caused by the Parkinsons meds ( possibly Tryhexyphenadril or Requip) .