Very Dry Mouth


My Mum was diagnosed with Parkinsons in June this year and is on Madopar. The medication is working, as she is shaking less and walking better. Soon after starting the medication she started suffering with very dry mouth. The dry mouth is effecting her everyday life, as some days it is so bad. It has got to the stage of eating very little and what she does eat needs to have no lumps, so have been preparing some pureed veg for her that can be frozen. She has tried everything that we can find including sipping water, chewing gum, hard sweets, Boots mouth spray, xylimelts and Biotene products.

Does anyone have any other advice or medication for dry mouth worth trying? Meals have become very difficult for her, so I am also looking at meals that I can precook and freeze. Any advice is welcome. Thanks


Hi there Littlefoot. We’re sorry to hear about your Mother’s problems with dry mouth. We’re sure that other forum members will chip in with any experiences they have, but in the meantime I just wanted to signpost the forum archives, where there are a few historical threads for you to read through on this topic. Click here for the relevant threads.

In terms of medication - please feel free to utilise our helpline for guidance in that regard, via 0808 800 0303.

Best Wishes
Tom A, Parkinson’s UK Moderator.


Thank you for your reply.

I have read a lot of the previous threads and tried most of the advice given. My parents have also telephoned the helpline and been given some advice and a different medication to try. The medication was to help reduce mucus, but this is not the problem and has not worked.The situation is now that my Mum is eating very little due to dry mouth and lack of taste.

Her Parkinson nurse is also on holiday until 5th December.


You can get a gel spray for dry mouths called bio xtra


Hi Littlefoot. My wife recently had a dry mouth. At the time, she couldn’t eat anything faintly spicy without getting a burning sensation. We were at the GPs for something else and when I mentioned it, the GP said to get a blood test. She was found to be low on B12 and Folates. She took pills for the folates and her mouth was restored to normal really quickly. She had to have 6 injections over a fortnight and will have ongoing quarterly injections for the B12.
At the time, I googled and saw a number of studies w.r.t to B12 and Folic acid and Parkinsons. I also looked on this site. It had been quite a while since anyone had mentioned it on here, so I presumed there was no P link.
But it might be worthwhile taking to your mom’s GP about a blood test.
Hope it works out.