Very forgetful as well

hi im janice and i was so interested in reading about other peoples experiences that i forgot to introduce myself.i was diagnosed with pd on christmas eve 2008 and i carried on working with mariecurie service for another 6 years before being retired on medical now 53 and due to not being old enough to receive my private pension early,im living on thin air but in 2 years time im hoping to spend spend spend:rofl: i keep well because my meds work well and i ignore the fact that i have this degenerative brain problem and i keep so glad to have found this forum and i hope i can help others as well as learn from you all. many thanks

Welcome to the forum @JaniceofGREENOCK

I was diagnosed in 2011 and can also be forgetful . I hope you find this forum useful and we are here if you want to chat. God bless you

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