Very itchy scrotum ? due to Parkinsons's ?

My husband has Parkinson’s PLUS, and one extremely annoying problem he currently has is a very very itchy scrotum which badly affects his sleep.
Seen GP twice who prescribed high strength corticosteroid creams and ointments, with no effect.
Also tried numerous anti itch creams, strong antihistamines and uses non scented body wash etc.
Anyone else come across this please ?
If so, has anything worked to relieve the dreaded itch ?

Hi Tea Time my hubby had the same problem but he has not got PD but what helped was a good was with simple body wash dry area really well then light dusting of Johnsons babyb talca. It could be many things even the wash powder you wash undies in. All you can do is keep trying. ps when I say Simple i mean the product as this product does not contain chemicals.

Hi TeaTime,
I think Mary 1947 has hit the nail on the head.
I did a quick ‘round call’ and I have never heard of that being a sympton.
In addition to what she said, please try changing the soap you use to wash the clothes, as that can also cause a rash, specifically in the crotch area, as can be expected in an area where there is chafing and sweat etc.

Thank you Mary and Clive for your replies.
All of those suggestions had been tried before I posted, but with no effect.
I’ve since found out that some neurological conditions can cause “pruritus scroti”.
GP has now prescribed a super strength corticosteroid, which for now, has worked.
Fingers crossed it stays this way !

I also hope it works stay safe

Good luck.
It does make sense that a corticosteriod would aleviate the problem.
Please let us know.

I’d consider changing my underpants every day & changing the washing detergent.
Parkinson’s gets blamed for everything.


Also I always have a bath or shower at least once a month, whether
I need one or not.