Vibration plate exerciser

Has anybody used one of these machines ? I am thinking of getting one but thought i'd ask on here first to see if they have helped .

I used mine before my GDNF Surgery, but not since as a lot of the exercises vibrate your head and may affect the position of my infusion tubes.

Great for muscle tone and feeling good. All are welcome to try the one I have at home in Dorset if you want.



thanks for the offer but i'm a bit too far away. Were you advised what type to buy or did you just pick it yourself. Hope the gdnf trial is going well.

I chose it myself as it has two motors and is a substantial machine around £700 new. There are basically two types. Mine vibrates the whole plate on one plane. The other type oscillates from side to side. Both have their advocates but the later type tends to be less intense


i used one with my neuro physiotherapist when first diagnosed .she used it to loosen my leg/hip muscle. very affective ,lasted about 30 mins whilst she gave me physio . this was before medicated .

my local gym has them to use . seems expensive for home use !


thanks for the info, I am going to get one and try it. I think that if it helps then it isn't expensive.

Do try both types by ringing round your local health clubs and gyms.  They are a distinctly different experience.  I spent £400 on a 2nd one and it really is a matter of you get what you pay for. 

theres a 2 year old jtx 50 pro available for £200 ono

Looks like a good deal and should be easy to sell on if you don't like it


I have one at home. Use it daily.I basically sit on it. It loosens up my stiff lowr back and it helps in giving a relaxed feeling.