Vibration research

Article about promising research from Stanford-

" … it might be hard to imagine that a vibrating glove could be much help.

But a recent study of a small group of patients found that wearing the glove for two hours, twice a day does just that, alleviating the tremor, stiffness, abnormal walking, slow body movement and balance problems associated with Parkinson’s.

Although the researchers didn’t set out to study other symptoms, they were surprised to find patients reported the glove also alleviated mood swings, behavior changes, depression and the loss of smell and taste.

“It seemed like magic,” said Stanford Medicine neurobiologist…"


Actually, there is already a device on the market that produces a similar effect - I bought one earlier this year but found the vibration (& electric shocks!) too uncomfortable. Since reading this article I’m trying again.

Another article, different device, still about vibration -

Wearable vibration device may ease Parkinson’s tremor (

“The device, which is worn on the wrist or ankle and is roughly the size and weight of a smartwatch, may be a safe and effective way to reduce resting tremors in people with Parkinson’s disease.”