Vibrations facial


I have tremors on my face however both sides don’t match up the left is tremoring different to that of the right - the tremors come in waves shake shake shake then stops a few seconds then shaaaaaakkkeee I place my hand to both sides and both sides tremor st different intervals

Can this be Parkinson’s ?

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If you suspect that you may have Parkinson’s it’s important that you speak to your GP or another health professional as soon as possible, as they’ll be best placed to advise you.

It might helps you to take a look at our website, where we have lots of information on Parkinson’s symptoms, and what to do if you suspect you may have Parkinson’s:

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I’ve never heard or seen of this, it sounds a little strange, hope it’s not Pk. Good luck

Hi, I thought I was the only person to have this . I have PD but the only symptoms I have are the vibration in cheeks and neck and anxiety relating to it, However, I was told its not necessarily related to the PD but Dystonia. I am seeing a wonderful Neuro Physio who is doing a lot of manipulation and thinks she knows which muscle it is coming from,I see my Consultant next week and he will do some botox injection in neck but they have to be very careful as when I first had this. I found it really difficult to swallow! Have you seen a doctor?xx