No, this time no link to some results. Just an idea. Vibration waves through the brain. Couldn't this slow down PD or even degenerate the clumped alpha-synuclein ? I mean, alpha-synuclein forms aggregates. If you could excite these aggregates with the correct frequency, couldn't this lead to an increase in energy that leads to the alpha-synuclein to fall back to a normal state ?

I tried to search for anything related to this, but I couldn't find it. Did anyone else maybe read about this ? And if it wasn't researched before ... is this idea stupid ? I mean, at least you could get easily passed the blood-brain barrier and at least to me it could be a worthy experiment.
not quite but

nostraturnip predicts: this technology will be used this year or next to perform surgery on a PD patient. within 5 years deep brain stimulation will be a thing of the past. cross my palm with silver and i will get a kitkat from the vending machine.
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Focussing ultrasound on only those neurons containing alpha-syn fibrils would be too difficult. It might be possible to tag the fibrils with something (like Ruthenium) that the ultrasound could be tuned to but my schoolboy physics suspects a complex like that (unlike the more crystalline gall stones) would not absorb sufficient ultrasound energy at any discrete wavelength to fall apart. I could be wrong......I am about 50% of the time..........
thats a better rate than my predictions!
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