If you think that, in general, friends and people around you don't care about your life with PD, you might be wrong.

I've just put a video clip of myself on Facebook and I have been swamped with kind words from friends and people I've never heard of. I've even had Parkinson's Barbados messaging me. I've had over 300 views and countless messages. It's heartwarming.



That's good Banjo, you do feel as though folks don't realise or care about how you are feeling, wish I was on facebook even if it was only to see your video

Take care and all the best - Sheila



if you really want to see it I could send it to you.





Yea that'll be interesting, if you could do that, would you need my email address? I could private messag that to you........



I'm on do I watch your video Banjo?



at the bottom of the Parkinson's home page tap "join us on Facebook"

Left hand side is a list of things you can select. (Videos, photos etc.)

tap on "Posts" and scan the results until you see a picture of me holding a ukulele.

good luck. Let me know if you find it OK.








Yes Sheila, you can do that.



Did you find the video OK Twinks?




Yes thanks John. Great banjo playing and you look very well on your increased meds.



Hi John - well done with your little ditty on your Banjo, we can aim for anything if we try. Thank you for sending it to me very much appreciated!

Sorry I was a bit late replying, all the best and take care - Sheila



It's actually my ukulele, Sheila, but thank you anyway, glad you enjoyed it. I still can't believe the response. I was bowled over. In the end I had almost 500 hits.

Keep well,




Hey John - that goes to show I don't know a lot about musical instruments, my apologies, but it was still good listening!!




no apologies needed. Loads of people have said it. I think it's my fault having a user name of  'Banjo'.

I do have a banjo by the way. I'll mail you a picture.



Sheila, I've mailed you a picture of my banjo. (I hope).

loads of people thought I was playing a banjo. My fault for having 'Banjo' as my user name.