On one of my rare visits to the new forum…I see a request for members to make a video of themselves and send it in.
One question…have the admins of this site ever met someone with Parkinson’s?
Make a video?
Many are struggling to use a mobile to make a phone call!
How far removed from the reality of PWP’s lives can this organisation get?
I’m sure some techies will carry out the task and work out how to send it in…but how many others will feel excluded and sad that they can’t even take part in activities on a forum meant to be for them?

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golden girl

You would be surprised how many PWPs can record simple a video. It’s not that difficult. Not everyone with Parkinson’s finds it too difficult to use a mobile phone. Lots of them have smartphones and know how to record a short video and are quite capable of doing it all on their own. Unless you are living alone, you are also likely to have the help and support of family, friends and carers who can help you.

if you are able to read and write posts to this forum and navigate around it, then you are probably techie enough to work out how to do it, with a little effort.
If you haven’t got a smartphone, borrow one for ten minutes.

Remember, the forum is not the only place for communication. A letter to the editor of The Parkinson, attendance at local group meetings and AGMs as well as contributing to local group newsletters are all opportunities to communicate.



Words fail me.

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Someone will be willing to neednt do it on your own.the sense of achievement is great and it doesnt need to be perfect.have a go and see how you feel x

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