Vielight Neuro for Parkinsons!


Also in Wales Welshbear and very interested. Also investigating Hyperbaric Oxygen. My Husband is President of the Emlyn and Teifiside Support Group, are you local to us?


hello there im a Aberavon Beach born n bred here a proper shaky parkinsonian sand rabbit lol *winks"…hope you are as well as can be and keepin safe
Hugh aka Welshbearuk


Just a comment about Hypobaric Oxygen. I too looked into this and started to use it for 4 sessions with no noticeable effect. (full course was about 20 sessions. I stopped after deciding the evidence was too thin and it might actually be doing more damage. I know there are some supporters of this (a professor ??? at some private Scottish clinic for one). Initially I thought more oxygen must be good but then thought about the process of how oxygen promotes rust and it is reactive oxygen species that can promote cell destruction in the brain. So possibly more oxygen could make things worse. I do not claim to be any kind of expert and have no medical background but thought it may be of interest why I ended up not continuing. My local group use an MS facility that has an oxygen chamber and I think I was the first PWP there to use it - no one else seems inspired to give it a try.


I have been using the Vielight Gamma & XS for about 4 months now. It looks a bit strange & I have not noticed any change but my wife says I look less grumpy (the Parkinson’s mask has maybe slipped a little?). So no harm seems to have come to me & possibly a little improved so I will carry on.