Vielight Neuro for Parkinsons!


Hello ,
has anyone heard about the new treatment , by head set , by sending NIR - NEAR INFRA RED Beams OF Light Into parts of The Brain, more importantly have the specialists got ideas about this…i was listening into the video / audio blog a week ago and was very impressed at he findings of Dr lew lim, anyone seen this ??

has this given us hope ??
Hugh aka Welshbearuk


I’d be interested to know how they get light to pass through the skull. I’d better wear a hat going down to the shop today in case my brain gets sunburnt.


Hi @welshbearuk,

I have passed your query onto our research department for them shed more light on this. I will get back to you on this as soon as I can following their response.

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Hi Reah & Mike, i have 2 links to see and hear all about Vielight neuro, im not sure if the site will let me post them, ive had trouble but well ill try anyways, if not u can get them by e-mail, i read and listened toa a few differant talkins about this headset and its cost of which is about £1400 pounds $1800 us, but if it works and does what it says on the tin i will be a very happy man…please please check out the links and read thoroughly because i was really impressed by both the head set and the DR LEW LIM im sure you will think that finaly theres a light a the end of the tunnel plus even better no surgery, no drilling like ive had in the past like 2inch holes drilled in my brain…
heres the links

this last link below to hear the interview on Parkinsons Recovery Radio with Dr. Lew Lim, inventor of this new photobiomodulation therapy…please listen !!!

                                                             Hugh aka Welshbearuk
                                            a parkinsonian of some 25 years or more


please let me know what you think


Morning all

Logged on to chat on first initial neg feeling when wake after horrible vivid dreams, which I could almost write a story on. Came here to see if anyone else experiences, then get side tracked to other discussions, which help bring me to real life. Thus ended or started here. After seeing the start of these two videois I must admit this is too much for me! Is this Parkinsons? Or just a bit of brain dohh approach to more info that places me in a dohh situation. Dohh being more of hope with a little more insight into stuff of possible no hope! Not neg, just sometimes clear, simple language for our brains to digest, any time of day. Am I correct in thinking first video is saying, nice walk in the sunshine a.m or early p.m is good for us! Second video feels like I have this gadget on in my head in the night by way of odd dreams etc. Apologies techno jargon plus view turned my interest button off at sight etc. Easily done for me, not sure if same for others with PK? The interest button switches off a bit quick, however, thank you for info, all helps to see good efforts to help this horrid, isolating condition. Tapping into a lost part of our head can only be good for us. Agree with walk and sunlight! Big thumbs up even if 5 mins effort, 100% benefit👍


well looks like nobody is interested in the find by Dr.Lew Lin, at least he tryinghis expertise in many fields on a cure…rather than waste dollar after £££ on a old type of drug thats bean tried and tested like michael j. fox 490 billion dollars, what a damn waste, thought i would have had more response to this by parkinsonians, researchers, specialists etc etc guess thats why we will probably never ever find a cure, sadly !!


I agree with @Jules47, I’m happy to spend time in the sun! I feel that this contraption costs a very large amount of money for something that has no provable research to show it works. The seller says it was tested on five people and is still experimental. In addition they state it may not not cause harm. It would maybe get more interest if they were wanting volunteers to test it so they could do full research rather than part with so much money.