Vienna calling - Hello

I was recently diagnosed in July, 2011, and am now able to talk about it with a little more security. Like everyone else that has his/her own story, mine remains unique to me. I actually found contents from this forum through "googling" that brought me to becoming a member.

I am an American, now just 57, have been living abroad more than 26 years, was a professional singer turned wife and mother, living and working in and around Vienna, Austria. After the children were in school, I began teaching English to Austrian children and sang on occasion. 16 years ago, I had problems with my balance and was sent to have a CT, which failed to show anything. I also had tinnitus, which I attributed to the singing at that time. I had lost my sense of smell, which the neighbour called a "stink nose", just thought it was nothing to worry about. I had many incidents of shoulder problems and stomach issues, and once was treated for anxiety problems while the children were still youngsters. But all in all, I kept relatively fit because of a hobby showing my champion dog at dog shows in various different European countries. As time went on, I noticed a decline in my zest for life, didn't remain active. Two years ago to date, I had a Gallbladder operation, which brought out the first symptoms of right hand fine motoric and cramping. Weeks later my neck was in real trouble and had to have shots. That is when the search began, a series of MRT, CT and X-rays. I was sent to this then that hospital, more MRT, CT and exams. Finally I was hospitalized for the MRT-SPECT exam. This all took sixteen months. Doctors just couldn't decide. It was a toss up, 3 times cervical prolapse and stenosis, symptoms in hand, foot, gait and stiffness and night pain. After the SPECT results came, any treatment for cervical issues was wiped from the board, diagnosis: Idiopathic Parkinson's. Whilst all this took place, my dog died.

I have been assigned to the head of Neurology in the Danube Hospital for my visits once every 3 months. I had a rough ride with the "DA" Requip Modutab. I reacted with heart pounding and shortness of breath, extreme sleep disturbance, constipation etc.... so it was replaced with "Sifrol" known as Mirapex. Upon my first official visit to the out-patient Movement Disorder Hospital Clinic, I was told that nothing is really helping me and I must push on to Madopar, a L-Dopa. I was so distraught that I got a painful gastritis and needed a combi gastro-colon exam. I am still not on any L-Dopa and reduced the Mirapex waiting for my stomach to heal. My mood is better since the reduction, but I am still slow and clumsy, and the neck is a "real pain in the neck"! I would like that just one doctor would test me for B12 deficiency, as my legs are very very painful in the early morning hours, and feet and hands are numb and tingling. I am having a hard time convincing the gastro specialist, the neuro, and the GP this is necessary! That is how I read about this forum, that someone here suggested a special vitamine supplement regime, have yet to find it, can anyone tell me about this?

Hello Vocalbasic and welcome to the forum. I just wanted to say Hi as I am not the one who can talk on the matters you have voiced here. I am sure our members who know what they are talking about will soon come to your aid.

All the very best to you and yours
Hope to see you about the forum again

Radz x