Virus or PD?

I developed a sore throat beginning of week and it has progressed to being inflamed, mucus problems and my glands are swollen.  I am waking up at night coughing and it feels like its going on my chest.

I just windered if its just a common bug that has got me (before PD I had a good immune system was lucky if I only had one sniffle/cold a year).  OR

Is this just another symptom of PD?

It has been a difficult two weeks, my younger son aged 24 went into hospital having experienced a breakdown mentally/emotionally.  He had been trying to cope with depression and keep a brave face, but I stayed up in Orpington for 5 days, was quite calm emotionally but since home on Sunday, I seem to have gone into meltdown and felt so upset, anxious, worried etc. Perhaps this has caused me to become sick with this virus. 

I find that I want to be supportive and strong for my family, but its difficult and frustrating. 

I messaged my Neuro and he advised I see my GP in first instance and discuss counselling support before he recommends going on to anxiety meds for PD.  Reminding me that anxiety will make my symptoms worse!

I am due to see my GP Monday.


Hi Het

Sorry your having a difficult time, i've had a sore throat,cough and mucas too i guess it could be something that is going about and the easiest place too get it is visiting doctors and hospitals, that and the damp warm weather  of late catching us off guard.

Thanks Sea Angler, sounds like the usual kind of bugs that travel around.  I was only DX in April, so have never had a sore throat for a long time.

Am bit better today, but not much energy and will be taking things easy again today and tmw. 

PD really seems to be a "designer disease" as many have said.  Makes you feel like a guinea pig!

Most difficult thing for me is trying not to be anxious and upset when I think about my son and one of my daughters who is having many problems!  Once a mother always a mother!  Its at those times I feel angry and frustrated at having ill health now at 58 which is not really old in todays world! 

I have been advised by Neuro to go for counselling, but there is nothing available in this area and I need to discuss PD with someone who can help, Parkinsons UK was recommended by my PD Nurse.

My previous counsellor (non PD) is winding down in her work and therefore I am unable to go to her now.

Parkinsons UK - what say you?


yeh its a bug my wife is still coughing 4 weeks now ,had anti-biotocs aswell all the best !


This is exactly what I've been going through the last couple of weeks.   I had  to take 2 weeks off work because whenever I get these infections my Parkinson meds don't work.The chesty cough and mucus is awful;  sore throat driving me mad. 

I went back to work last Weds and every day is different. Weds I felt good and even went to shops on my way home from work. Thurs I felt awful - didn't do much work and went straight home then Fri' was OK.  I even had the energy to play with grandkids but by the time I'd given them some supper, went right "off". 

Although I've had this viral thing, I do believe that the coughing etc is due to side effects of some of the meds.

It seems like the whole country is suffering with something.  Pudsy bear and Children In Need was good last night.  Children singing always gets me. 

All the best for now





honey & lemon nice & hot ! casie the old remedies are the best yes

Yes I ve had the tickly cough and sore throat for about 3 weeks so has my daughter. Think every other person s got it.


Definitley a Bug almost everyone I know has either got or had this lately. I am at this moment sipping a hot lemon honey and fresh ginger drink.