Visiting Olympic stadium

Hi! I wondered if anyone had been to the stadium during the Olympics or during the Paralympics? If so I wondered how daunting it might be for PWP: all the crowds etc especially for someone with a tendency to freeze. I know the volunteers are great but they won't necessarily understand Parkinson's. Also husband worries a lot about about the travel on tube etc and gets panicky. On the other hand it seems a shame to give up a once in a lifetime experience.
Any first hand experiences would be very helpful.

Hi Hilda,

Yes, we went on Friday and it was great.

This is some of the content of my post on Friday afternoon :

We've been to the Paralympics today- what a fabulous day .

Firstly, the journey from deepest Berkshire to within 1 mile of the Olympic Stadium was quick, with light traffic, and the four of us were in complete harmony.

However, it all failed miserably in the last mile,as we couldn't find the Olympic Park, and searching cost us nearly an hour of lost viewing, and also cost us the previous harmony. The signposting was virtually non existent, and to put a real 'shine on it', the stewards didn't have a clue - what has happened since the Olympics 'proper' Seb and Boris.

But to make up for this annoyance, the security staff were great and efficient, and polite and helpful, the staff in the park saw that I was disabled and 'bent over backwards to help'.

The weather was great, hot and dry, the crowds were happy and friendly, the athletes competing in the stadium were unbelievably brave, so overall a really great day and only £5 a ticket.

So, go if you can, it's really worth the effort.

Been there, done that, read the book, worn the T shirt ( actually it was an official program and a Team GB polo shirt )

I also freeze very badly, and have great difficulty in walking, but we had a lift around the park, free of charge, and you can pre-book scooters , or even Q for them.

It can be daunting, but only if walking, and there is no need to do that.

You must go if you can, it is an experience of a lifetime, and not to be missed.

Good luck.

Hello Hilda,

Not first hand experience, but my sister went on the last day of the Games. She does not have pd, but does have a heart condition. She said that it was tremendous - that the volunteer stewards and the police were very helpful ,pleasant and not in the least over- officious ,that there were no problems with tube travel, that it was well organised in a very relaxed way. and that the whole atmosphere was joyful.And my sister is a woman who expects VERY high standards

Many thanks to you both for your replies. It's really helpful. I'll pass what you have said onto my husband and hope he will feel more positive about going. I'm so glad you had such a good day Mike.
Best wishes

Hi Hilda,

Just a bit more info , hope it helps :


Disabled spectators who require parking will be asked to demonstrate that they are members of the recognized UK Blue Badge scheme, or an equivalent national scheme.

Book your Blue Badge parking space now

Games Mobility-top class people.

This is just inside the entrance -

Once inside a venue, disabled spectators and others who cannot walk long distances will be able to make use of the Games Mobility service for help with getting around. This free service is easy to find inside the venue and will loan out manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters (just bring along some photo ID) and guide visually impaired people to their seats.

Other services and facilities

We are making our venues as accessible as possible to ensure everyone has a great Games experience.

Other services and facilities include:

Accessible shuttle services from key accessible train and bus stations.
Extra accessible toilets for disabled spectators.
A Changing Places (adult changing) toilet at all venues including a hoist.
Assistance dog spending areas so that disabled spectators can bring their dog into the venue.

You really will enjoy the day, and seeing what these Paralympics achieve is really humbling. I feel much better about my disabilities having seen these guys and galls.



Hi Mike
Thanks so much for the extra information. All being well we hope to get there on the Jubilee line (probably with the help of extra medication!) so the shuttle bus will be very helpful. It's a relief to know that there is the possibility of hiring a wheelchair and also getting round the park without walking.
I have to say I am excited at the thought of getting into that amazing stadium and seeing those remarkable athletes.
I'l let you know how it goes and thanks for the encouragement.
Best wishes.

Hi !
i went to see the hockey and had mixed experience. Everyone has similar experience to me but I think there are gaps to fill.

Blue Badge parking - excellent great fun having car inspected at security with mirrors on sticks etc
the car park you drive up and up to park, maybe I should have tried going down a few floors from the entrance on top floor.

But its a good few hundred yds from car park to entrance - through the shopping centre add its busy and there is no concession for disability

and then there is security to go through (airport style) and again you are with everyone else

mobility transport inside good

I opted for the "golf buggy" a bit further along, which was good but my able bodied friends got to the venue 10 mins before me

on way back buggy stopped for me - made my day !!!

but after dropping off its along way to the car park

Best of luck


hi ,i been way for few days,i went up to london with a freind,and it was a great experince,i wont to return to london to visit the other things,like palace etc.i enjoyed every momment i was away,the athleltes that i saw was brillant.everyone was nice to me,very polite,i was in my wheel chair,and they had very good disabled vaciliteies.:smile:


Disabled people's opinions on the Olympic Experience.

exerlent stuff:smile::smile:

We made it to the Olympic Park last Tuesday and had a great day.It was a lovely atmosphere. We made good use of the buggies around the Park and took the minibus from Stratford station to the Park and back. I can't quite believe my husband managed it all- It was like old times. Before and since that day he has had a lot of mobility problems so his form on the day we went was like a miracle.
Thank you to everyone for all the really helpful advice.
Isn't sad it's all over and weren't all the athletes inspirational? I'm not sporty but I've loved it all.