Vit B12 Deficiency

Hi all

I was wondering if anybody else has been diagnosed with Vitamin B12 deficiency and what was their treatment.  I have had 24 injections over the past few months and now on one injection per month for next 6 months.     I am due to start taking Rasagaline! (not sure if spelt correctly) and wondering if anybody else has any experience of it and B12 injectiions I am also taking Sinamet Plus, Half Sinamet CR, Madopar and Requip.

I am always worried about how new tabs will react with existing treatments. 

Another thing is I have a Macular Hole in the left eye,  no treatment yet but wondered if anybody else has had that and what treatment did they have.

I know this is a bit of a rambling question, but maybe from fellow sufferers may get some answers.

Would love to hear.

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Hello Wye

My OH takes sinamet plus & other drugs.  He began with monthly injections for Vitamin B12 and now has them every 3 months.  He also takes folic acid.  He`s been doing this for more than a year now and there haven`t been any problems.

My sister -in-law has wet macular.  She has eyeleve injections every 2 months and so far it seems to have stabilised her eye.


Hope this is helpful.


Hi hatknitter

Thanks for your reply its reassuring


I am on sinemet plus,   azilect and so far low dose neupro  patches and started B12 injections this year  -  several in row and  now one  every three months.  I am also reducing steroids slowly.  Don't think there have been any interrinteractions.

eat more animal-based foods to intake vitamin b12

Hi Wye
Hi Ziggy
My father has been diagnosed with PD for about 6 years now…from August last year (2017) he was prescribed vit B12 three monthly injections. We’ve noticed a pattern occurring in that every two months his health takes a severe decline…and then vastly improves within a week of the vit B12 injection… we have evidence of this occurring three times now over the last 12 months… I’ve asked for a test for pernicious anemia now as this carries similar symptoms to PD… there has to be a connection…how are things with you now?