Vitamin B12 deficient and diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

Hi Everyone,

I am 33 and really devastated while I am writing this.

I have symptoms such as slight tremor in my right hand fingers when I open or close my fist (no tremor at rest), tremor for 2-3 seconds when I straighten my right elbow suddenly, burning sensation and slight pain in my wrist and elbow, pain in my right knee when it is bent, slow typing with my right hand, cough as in need to clear my throat, clicking noise when I rotate my wrist, disturbed vision, slow motion of my right hand when I brush my left side teeth only, etc. My symptoms worsen when I drive for long or my knee/elbow/wrist are bent for long time.

When I lie straight on bed with my limbs also lying straight, my symptoms improve.

My blood work was done when I presented to Neurologist and it was found that I was also severely Vitamin B12 deficient. When I started getting B12 shots, I started feeling 30-40 percent better without any medication. I know that neurological symptoms due to deficiency of Vitamin B12 take long time to improve.

However; I just saw another Neurologist and he said that I definitely have PD and asked me to start Rasagiline medication.

I am bit confused!

So sorry Lucidh,
A PD diagnoses is devastating at at this moment in time and you cannot see any positives but it does get better.
You need to see a PD nurse, they know so much and help you through the treacle!
I have learnt through this forum that we all have differing symptoms and ways to deal with it BUT one thing we all have is empathy. We all struggle and we all support each other.
I would also suggest looking for Young Persons PD group in your area, every area is different and some are better than others for support groups.
I hope this helps and remember you are not alone.
Get in touch whenever you feel low, want to rant or just someone to talk to too.
Take care
Annie :slight_smile:

Hi lucldh,

A warm welcome to the forum.
I’m so sorry to hear that you feel devastated and hope you find comfort and knowledge amongst the forum community.
We have more information on young onset Parkinson’s here >

All the best,
Moderation Team

Hello ,

The diagnostic of PD is a shock to all of us specially for young people in an early stage .

Try to see another neurologist if u want , it will be useful .

I have the same symptoms on my left side , diagnostic with PD since feb , it takes me 2 weeks to admit it . I have seen 4 neurologist not to confirm the diagnostic but to discuss about treatment and other issues, every one have an advice to give , I am on rasagiline since feb .
My symptoms are almost the same. I do sport 1-2 h per day ( 5 days / week ) and I take supplement.

In your case I hope it is not parkinson but if it is try to be positive , avoid stress , do Sport, kiné and take supplement all are good. Avoid stress.

I wish a good continuation in your journey.


I take vitamin q10 and d3 which contain b12, i hope these work for me.

Just to be cautious, according to my GP, B12 is not absorbed well through supplements and a shot is your best way of receiving it if it is not in your diet or if your body can’t process it when it gets it in food. Be mindful of how you feel if and when you take supplements; my partner took co-enzyme Q10 shortly after being diagnosed and the advice of a (non-medical) friend, and after a week had never felt worse. My partner was worried that the PD was progressing like a rocket, and forgot to take the Q10 in the worry of it. Within a couple of days, there was a big improvement, and it seems that the Q10 was aggravating the PD symptoms for reasons we don’t understand. It may work for others, I don’t know. But do keep a close eye on possible changes in how you feel if you take supplements. I hope you soon feel much better.