Vitamin D

I’m not sure if this is the right place to add this topic but I saw my consultant yesterday and he had a look at my blood test results and said, something like, “The vitamin D range is 20- 50 and you’re on the minimum, 50.” I am a bit baffled…

This is a really good question. What actually is the ideal level of vitamin D3 in the blood? There seems to be no agreement. Vitamin D3 is manufactured in the skin by exposure to sunlight, so we in the UK don’t get enough in winter, so shouldn’t we all be taking supplements? I’ve always understood it is very difficult to overdose on Vit D3. There are many conditions associated with Vit D3 deficiancy. Especially MS which is just as bad as Parkys.



Certainly there is a lack of agreement. I phoned the surgery for the blood test results today and the receptionist said ‘All results normal - no further action.’ I think I’ll just see how it goes…

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, the immunity system and also absorption, of calcium, in the stomach. My Vitamin D score of 29 was shockingly low when I first had it tested and this reflected in my by a constant tiredness. I was put on a daily tablet and when next tested it had gone up to quite a lot, so I got taken of the supplement. The tiredness returned and I got tested again and it had dropped back down to49, I was also told that this was “normal” but I was feeling tired again. I argued that having PD means my levels of energy are not “normal” and I need all the help I can get. My limit should be much higher. My consultant agreed and wrote a letter to Doc. I am now on a daily dose of Vitamin D and it helps considerably. It has also helped with fighting against brittle bones. Go back to your doc and argue your case. Hope this helps.

35 years ago, I had a GP sit down with me and thoroughly explain my blood test results, making notes on the paper! I still have that paper. He said “ALWAYS get a copy of every blood test.” I have, since then. Often, I have found that I was one number from being considered “low” and needing meds, perhaps. At the same time, the doctor told me that everything was “Fine!” By finding this info out for myself I have prevented a lot of health problems with better diet and supplements and water! You can find all you need to know and to do, online. Hope this helps a lot of people, as it did me.

Thanks. I certainly do get sudden fatigue at times - after doing some mowing and strimming on Sunday I sat down and passed out. But on Tuesday I did a 45 minute work out (jogging on the spot and push ups and crunches) and went for a 4 mile walk in the afternoon - besides preparing breakfast (for one - me) and lunch and supper for two (spoon feeding an MND sufferer her lunch and supper besides helping her with drinks as she often spills or drops them) and tidying and cleaning the kitchen - today will run similar to that. Yesterday’s walk was approx 4.5 miles but no work outs expect sometime trying to get my head round tai chi (I still have a lot to learn of that).