This is my 2nd post. Now completed a week on Sinemet- just one tablet at breakfast. No side effects and will take 2 tabs from tomorrow. Is it ok to take vitamin C and vitamin B tabs with the meds? I have two small mouth ulcers and think I have seen this does happen to some people. I also used to take Turmeric for my shoulder before being diagnosed and felt it helped. Not taken it since then.
Early days and still experience some mood swings. Went to see a physiotherapist this morning and was disappointed with a 15 min consultation .No real examination just a few exercises to do against a wall. Had already been sent them by email.
Will continue with my yoga! More demanding.

Hi @Lizzie71,

To answer your question, for many vitamin and mineral supplements, there’s no clear scientific evidence they have any health benefits (although there is evidence for the benefits of vitamin D.

So, if you feel you need more of a particular vitamin or mineral, it is advisable to try to eat more of the foods containing it, rather than to buy vitamin and mineral supplements.

You also need to be aware that some vitamins, when taken in large doses, can have side effects.

Some supplements, for example vitamin B6 and iron supplements, may also affect the absorption of your Parkinson’s medication. Therefore, before purchasing any ‘over the counter’ mineral and vitamin supplements from chemists or health food shops, consult your GP, specialist, Parkinson’s nurse or registered dietitian for advice.

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