my diet is limited due to nausea caused by the meds, i've thought about taking a multivitamin supplement, any advice would be welcome...


Might be worth getting checked for Vit D colcol i was lacking in vitamin D  and so have others,,and was given a course of Vit d too re build it which i found strange as i used too spend so much time outdoors.

i've decided to to take a combination of a multivitamin and mineral tablet (which contains the rda of all the regular vits and mins but especially vit d rda) and a 1000mg omega 3 fish oil capsule...

As well as parkinsons I have a vitamin b12 deficiency for which I have injections. I also take an over 50 vitamin supplement for men, slow release vitamin c and cod liver oil.  So far so good. 



I have heard about a connection between PD and Vitamin B before and the possible benefits, but not B12 in particular. What strength Vitamin C do you take and how do you think it helps you in relation to your PD. Thanks,


Sorry Colin, been a while since I checked the site out, been very busy lately....,which is a testament to how well my meds work ( when I remember to take them on time ) 

i take vitamin c slow release really just to keep colds at bay, since everything seems exaggerated with pd . The real wonder drug to me is the vitamin b12,  lack of which kinda wipes you out too, and also affects cognitive function. Feel much better since I've had b12 injections. Combined with levodopa, it's put me back to near normal. 


You are all probably going to shoot me down, but there is increasing evidence that synthetic vitamins can do more harm than good!

Much better to eat the foods that contain the vitamins we need, with a few added superfoods like pumpkin seeds and bee pollen.

Just thought I'd throw this into the mix!!

As colcol said, vitamin b12, b6 may not need, vitamin c is need