Vivid dreams

I forgot to take my 7.30pm levodopa tablet so took it just before I went to bed at 11.30pm.

I had two very vivid dreams and was shouting out in my sleep.

Anyone else experience this when taking medication late at night or was it just a coincidence?

Would be interested to hear people’s comments.


Hi Margs i was prescribed sinemet to be taken at bedtime never again i had vivid dreams about someone stabbing me was so real now I don’t take sinemet at night no problem now

Hi interesting post, I have just had a review with PD nurse and explained how I havve been getting on, I have some very vivid dreams, they have felt very real. I have been on sinermet CR x 3 per day and asked him about wearing off, he has suggested adding another dose in around 2130 but am concerned this will enhance the vivid dreams, this med is what i started on just over two years ago, but wearing off I feel is obvious but am a little concerned about increasing, any comments welcome :smile:

Thanks for your replies. I will have to make sure I dont forget to take my 7.30pm tablet on time!

Interesting to hear you still have a review with your Parkinsons nurse I havnt seen mine since before covid.